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Inside the mind of Joshua Cohen and Fat Pencil Studio

MAY 19, 2015

We’ve gotten to know Joshua Cohen pretty well over the past few years. In that time, Joshua has made appearances across the SketchUp universe. The guy is everywhere: At 3D Basecamp; in our Visiting Professional Program; on our blog; even at his own Portland SketchUp meetup. (And yes, he prefers Joshua over Josh).

After some time listening to Joshua talk about his work with SketchUp, we started to get the sense that he sees the world a little bit different than the rest of us. In fact, after learning how Fat Pencil Studio reconstructed an entire accident scene in SketchUp, I personally began to wonder if Joshua walks around thinking in 3D. I’ve heard of people dreaming in SketchUp, but it seems like what’s happening in Joshua’s head is a different matter entirely. So, basically out of sheer curiosity, we visited Fat Pencil Studio in Portland to get a better idea of what’s going on inside the mind of Joshua Cohen...

Of course, we also wanted to look over Joshua’s shoulder inside SketchUp. If you’re interested in how Joshua uses SketchUp Pro for site and context modeling, site logistics, and compelling presentations, buckle-in for this look into Fat Pencil Studio’s modeling process. And yes, if you start dreaming in 3D, now you know who to blame.


Mark Harrison

A product manager on the SketchUp team, Mark is also an avid Colorado outdoorsman. You’re likely to find him roaming Boulder's mountain bike trails, scaring up marmots, pikas, and black bears.

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