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Case Study: amedes Group

Amedes Securely Manages
Sensitive Data With AnyDesk

About the amedes Group

The amedes Group is a renowned medical diagnostics company offering its services to patients, resident physicians and hospitals. The company is one of the biggest players in the field of clinical laboratory management: Employing more than 3000 specialists, doctors and researchers, amedes brings an important contribution to medical quality and innovation in diagnostics and therapy.

The Challenge

An unified and secure Remote Support Solution

Amedes needed a safe and easy to use Remote Support Solution for the different locations within their company network. Especially in the medical sector, trust and safety are essential, so data security was one of the key requirements during their evaluation process. Additionally, the solution needed to be fail-safe and allow for simple usage across the entire company network.


“This unique solution is capable of realising the entire system within the company network. At no point does the data come into contact with the internet. AnyDesk impressed the IT and support department at amedes with its unified, simple and above all secure Remote Control Solution.”

Johannes Stange, Head of Desktop Services

The Solution

AnyDesk is trusted and ensures highest Security

AnyDesk provided a unified and 100% safe Remote Solution to amedes. Their IT and support departments were impressed by this fast, simple, and highly secure solution, and therefore implemented AnyDesk as a fail-safe and reliable remote support software within the company network.

The Result

Efficient & secure Remote Support within the medical diagnostics Sector

Since 2016, amedes has been using AnyDesk and is ever since successfully managing all computers within their network to ensure efficient, simple, and highly secure Remote Maintenance across the company. As an important player within the medical diagnostics sector, amedes is perfectly satisfied with AnyDesk as the safest and most trusted Remote Solution for their needs.

Data Security

Data protection and highest safety standards

Unified Solution

Efficient Remote Maintenance across the entire company network

Unified Solution

Fail-safe access and ease of use for staff in the support team

Speed & Reliability

Fast Remote Maintenance and excellent service with AnyDesk Enterprise

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