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Case Study: Community of Udine

Italian Community Implements AnyDesk for Remote Work Within a Short Period of Time

About the Community of Udine

The Community of Udine is an Italian town of approximately 100,000 inhabitants in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region in Italy. It is considered the historical capital of Friuli and provides services to citizens and businesses. With about 800 employees the Community Office is organized in different front offices that offer face-to-face services to the region and its staff, such as the department for Information and Telematic Systems.

The Challenge

A "Smart" and Secure Support Technology Infrastructure

After the Italian Government had implemented lockdown measures in March 2020 due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the Community of Udine found itself in urgent need to roll out a technological infrastructure that would allow employees to work from home while simultaneously continuing to use the administration's IT systems. The substantial number of employees (around 500 at the time) had to be moved from an office environment to working from home within just a few days.


"AnyDesk is a lightweight solution allowing quick installation. It is easy to use, customizable, and implemented instantly."

Comune of Udine


staff members


day of implementation

The Solution

AnyDesk Enables Secure and Fast Remote Working

After testing several providers, the Head of Information and Computer Systems and his staff found that the AnyDesk solution met all their requirements. AnyDesk is easy to use for end users and does not have to be installed on users' home computers. Only a quick installation on workstations at the City's offices is required. The software possesses all mandatory security and reliability features that are essential for enabling remote work.

The Result

A Comfortable Home Office Tool for all Employees

In March 2020, the Community of Udine ultimately decided to adopt AnyDesk which allows up to 400 simultaneous sessions. AnyDesk guarantees a smooth operability for the city's employees and allows safe, easy, and trouble-free remote working.

Easy to Use

No installation required and easy to use for end users


The only solution able to meet all of the Community's requirements


AnyDesk enables top-secure remote working for employees


AnyDesk is small in size and allows quick installation on office workstations

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