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Case Study: Areandina University

Colombian University Implements Remote Access for Class Participation

About Areandina University

The Andean Area University Foundation, located in Bogotá, has campuses in Pereira, Valledupar, and 36 education centers. With more than 80 undergraduate and graduate academic programs, it is the sixth largest private university and the second largest virtual private university in Colombia. The software distributor Sogyo and its partner Microton provided Areandina University with a perfectly customized version of AnyDesk.

The Challenge

Simple Software for Class Participation

Students who want to study from home often have less powerful computers or laptops on which the large memory-demanding software applications used at Areandina University do not run properly. There also is an extended need for virtual classrooms. Before, organizing virtual classrooms was very expensive and proved to be inflexible. A solution to expand on their capabilities therefore needed to be more versatile, for a quick and uncomplicated setup and integration into the already existing IT environment.


"To enlarge our capabilities, we looked for a more flexible solution which could easily be integrated into the existing setup – and were offered AnyDesk. We cannot believe how fluently it runs."

José Guevara, National Director of Technology

The Solution

Smooth and Fast Integration through REST API

AnyDesk was the perfect solution for the customization Areandina University needed. It could easily be integrated into their already existing software via the REST API within only one week. With its small file size of 3.7 megabytes, AnyDesk's free software version can be downloaded easily by the students themselves to their devices. In addition, it does not have to be installed, so that students can start working from home immediately.

The Result

Remote Access for students with AnyDesk

Students get Remote Access to the devices located on campus and their software applications. It is even possible for students to book a computer for studying from home outside regular class hours using AnyDesk. This way, students are able to use the computing power and software of their university whenever they need it to get the best results while studying.

API Integration

Easy integration into the campus software

Flexible E-Learning

Login to campus devices from anywhere, at any time

Intuitive Use

Fast download, no installation for students

Seamless Performance

Runs fluently in the background

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