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Case Study: South Bound Brook Public School

Intuitive Remote Support Software for Educational Institutions

About the South Bound Brook Public School

The South Bound Brook Public School in New Jersey, USA counts more than 500 students from pre-kindergarten through eight grade and 70 staff members. The school’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Lenny Libitz oversees more than 140 technical devices within the organization that aren't always necessarily located on-site. Therefore, a Remote Support Solution is inevitable for Lenny Libitz.

The Challenge

Working fast in a secure Environment

Cutting-edge technology can be beneficial for educational institutions, but it may also come with technical difficulties. For a school like South Bound Brook Public School, it may be challenging to reduce disruptions of ongoing classes to a minimum when teachers have problems with their device during a class. Oftentimes, teachers can only continue with the help of an IT expert. This support should be as fast and efficient as possible.


“With AnyDesk, IT experts like me can provide support immediately without interrupting ongoing classes. We have everything that is needed to work efficiently and not overstain the users. AnyDesk's solution is affordable for educational institutions and brings great benefit at the same time.”

Lenny Libitz, Chief Technology Officer

The Solution

React immediately and work securely with AnyDesk

South Bound Brook Public School implemented the Remote Desktop Solution AnyDesk to overcome the challenges they were facing. The school can provide Maintenance and Support thanks to AnyDesk – no matter where the devices are or which Operating System they use.

IT expert Libitz can connect to a device remotely and conduct a diagnosis of the technical issue immediately. Additionally, he can transfer files, install programs, and check and update the system – while the class progresses without any interruption, and at high security standards. AnyDesk comes with a reasonable price that perfectly caters to the needs of educational institutions.

The Result

Efficient and safe remote support without any interruptions of classes

AnyDesk helps South Bound Brook Public School to offer a great learning environment for their students and to support teachers. The school’s CTO Lenny Libitz has the right tool at hand to ensure efficient remote support by immediately helping teachers without interrupting on-going classes. At the same time, the solution is affordable, easy to use, and it meets the school’s security standards.


Support can be provided from anywhere

Security Standards

Military-grade-encryption and security features

Fast Implementation

Fast and simple installation and setup

Affordable for Educational Institutions

A great product with a reasonable budget for schools

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