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Case Study: Magdeburg Data Integration Center

Trusted Remote Software to Access Sensitive Patient Data

About Magdeburg Data Integration Center (DIZ)

The Magdeburg Data Integration Center (DIZ) is a joint institution of the Medical Faculty of Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg (OVGU) and Magdeburg University Hospital. The DIZ is managed by the heads of the Institute of Biometry and Medical Informatics and Business Unit 6 – IT and Medical Technology. The Data Integration Center takes care of the digitization processes at Magdeburg University Medical Center.

The Challenge

Ensuring Security of Medical Data

Large amounts of critical and sensitive data such as experimental surveillance, simulation analyses and supply data in the context of medical treatments, often accumulates. The security aspect plays an important role in the analysis of this data.
An appropriate Remote Software Solution is essential here. The software should offer high transmission quality, regardless of which operating system it is used on, and also function in its own isolated network, so that the Data Integration Center retains full control over all data.


“AnyDesk is an essential tool for us because it provides high transmission quality due to its real-time codec.”

Tim Herrmann, Operational Management of the Data Integration Center

The Solution

Fast Transfer of Data in the Institute's Network

The Data Integration Center has been relying on AnyDesk since 2016. For security reasons, the On-Premises solution is perfect. All data is kept within the secured network on the one hand, while maintaining full control over individual clients on the other. Physician can view patient data remotely on the work computer at the hospital without having to store this critical data locally.

The Result

Efficient Collaboration around the Globe

For efficient analysis of data from a simulation, colleagues from Germany and South Korea can collaborate directly and continuously using AnyDesk. Field simulations generate large amounts of data that, thanks to AnyDesk, do not have to be sent out at great expense, but can be viewed from anywhere at anytime.

Superior Transmission Quality

Support can be provided from anywhere


Fast and simple installation and setup

Facts & Figures

Continuous Development

Customer satisfaction since 2016, thanks to continuous product development

Customizable Client

Controllable security settings

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Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight

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