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Case Study: Sun Chemical Corporation

International Enterprise Uses AnyDesk On-Premises to Connect Global IT Team

About Sun Chemical

Sun Chemical, a member of the DIC Group, is a leading producer of packaging and graphic solutions, color and display technologies, functional products, electronic materials, and products for the automotive and healthcare industries. With combined annual sales of more than $8.5 billion and 22,000+ employees worldwide, the DIC Group companies support a diverse collection of global customers.

The Challenge

Connecting a Decentralized Global IT Team with Safe Remote Desktop Software

IT at Sun Chemical combines a decentralized component with a global one, forming a powerful, worldwide network with around 80 employees, most of them working on-site in one of 60+ countries. IT needs to help on-site technicians remotely whenever complicated problems occur so they can directly access a client’s computer. When their former supplier removed the integrated remote desktop tool from the package, they had to search for an alternative.


"If a technician has a problem anywhere in the world, IT at Sun Chemical can provide support via AnyDesk, even if they’re currently out and about."

Kai Neubauer, Head of Global IT Client Services, EMEA

The Solution

Full Control and Data Security with AnyDesk in an In-House Network

When evaluating different providers, AnyDesk stood out early during testing thanks to its thorough conception and clear layout. Efficiency and bandwidth also tipped the scales toward AnyDesk, but the crucial factor for Sun Chemical was data security. That’s why an in-house solution was needed. “You need to use your own network so you can really make sure that the data and IP numbers aren’t being logged anywhere. We wanted the remote maintenance servers to be placed safely in our own computer center," said Neubauer.

The Result

AnyDesk On-Premises for Ultimate Security

With AnyDesk Enterprise, Sun Chemical has found a lean remote maintenance tool that works well even at low bandwidths and runs entirely on the company’s own in-house servers. Sun Chemical has been using AnyDesk Enterprise since 2016.

Data Security

On-Premises solution ensures full control within in-house network and data security at all times


Lean and small client that works everywhere

Clarity and Ease of Use

Simple use that does not require any training for the technicians


Good performance even at low bandwidths

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