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Case Study: ARD.ZDF medienakademie

Shaping the next Generation of Media Professionals from Home

About ARD.ZDF medienakademie

The non-profit educational institution ARD.ZDF medienakademie offers webinars and courses for continuing education in the media sector. From employees of the ARD, ZDF, Deutschlandradio and Deutsche Welle broadcasting stations to private individuals, anyone interested can choose from the large pool of open topics that range from personal skills and journalistic background knowledge to software training for audio and video production or IT training.

The Challenge

Special Software for a controlled IT Environment

Software trainings at ARD.ZDF medienakademie, for example for video editing software, usually take place in a special IT environment on-site in Nuremberg. To make these courses remotely accessible, all IT settings had to be made available as well. They needed a solution that was safe from a data protection perspective and that could be operated with relatively little effort and without installation by participants. The tool also had to meet the operational requirements of a total of 12 broadcasters and be easy to use for participants.


“Finding a platform that met the operational needs of 12 stations was a huge challenge. The trainers got on very well and very quickly with AnyDesk. Even participants who initially thought it made more sense to have the software on their own PC realized that AnyDesk was the better choice.”

Olaf Schott, IT Subject Coordinator

The Solution

AnyDesk is easy to use and securely encrypted

With AnyDesk, ARD.ZDF medienakademie found a safe and easy to use solution. The special IT environment within the academy can be made available to every participant, no matter where they are located. Thanks to its excellent end-to-end encryption, AnyDesk is the perfect and safe fit for their requirements. Latency is unparalleled, which is essential for video editing. The AnyDesk file is stored in the central learning management tool. Participants can easily download it – they don't have to prepare or install anything. Additionally, AnyDesk blends in perfectly with the corporate branding at ARD.ZDF thanks to the ability to customize the AnyDesk client.

The Result

A safe and time-saving Solution for central Device Management

After only 3 days of implementation to 400 computers, Bromsgrove School started to successfully use AnyDesk to centrally manage the devices and establish efficient, time-saving remote support across the entire organization. AnyDesk perfectly integrates into the school’s network and always works reliably and stable. Thanks to the Namespace feature, the computers can be matched with the AnyDesk client and therefore be identified very fast, adding to the time savings and positive outcome of implementing AnyDesk.

Secure Encryption

Maximum security and confidentiality for online courses

Flexible E-Learning

Course organization and participation
from anywhere in the world

Simple & intuitive

A flexible client and a customized Namespace feature

Low Latency

Seamless performance and reliability thanks to extreme low latency

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