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Complete solution in CAD, which allows you to model the terrain of a plot of land to develop road or urbanization projects.



TcpMDT Standard


Surveys, digital terrain model, contours, profiles and volumes.

It allows you to model a terrain using points measured by any total station or GNSS receiver, importing files or connecting to web services. It provides options for generation of contour lines, drawing of profiles and cross-sections, calculation of volumes, visualization of terrain in 3D, slope maps, import and export GIS files, etc. It also has functions for working with plots and multiple additional utilities.


TcpMDT Professional


All-in-one solution for Surveying and Civil Engineering projects.

It includes all features of standard version and provides tools for designing horizontal and vertical alignments, drawing the project templates, area and volume reports, setting-out, virtual tour, measurements and quotations, water, sewerage and rainwater networks, etc. This software is suitable for all kind of surveying projects for roads, urbanizations, quarries ... It can be easily integrated into OpenBIM workflows, through exchange of IFC and LandXML files.

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TcpMDT Surveying


Coordinate transformations and processing of total station observations

TcpMDT Image


Adjustment, management and transformation of images integrated in MDT

TcpGPS for Android


All-in-one solution for surveying and setting-out with GNSS receivers

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