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VEGAS Pro 18 continues to push the boundaries of professional video production. Experience industry-leading HDR, AI-supported editing tools, powerful audio editing with SOUND FORGE Pro 14 and numerous improvements to basic tools that have made VEGAS Pro the fastest NLE on the market.



Style Transfer

Apply the visual style of the world's greatest artists and paintings to your video footage to give your video a simultaneously unique yet iconic look. With hardware acceleration from Intel OpenVINO technology, VEGAS Style Transfer brings one of the most exciting creative uses of artificial intelligence yet.


Instantly add a "wow" factor to historical black and white footage through the impact of color. With the power of hardware acceleration from Intel OpenVINO, the Colorization filter uses artificial intelligence to bring your black and white footage to vivid color.


As soon as VEGAS Prepare is available, it will be yours for free.



VEGAS Prepare

VEGAS Prepare integrates powerful media management directly into your production workflow. Organize your footage into a structured library, create collections of related assets and add tags to individual files for powerful searching and filtering. Access your media collections directly through the Hub Explorer window in VEGAS Pro. Synchronize your VEGAS Prepare library with VEGAS Pro so that the changes you make in one update in the other.

Exclusively in Pro | 365 | Suite



The audio-editing benchmark

Now, as an essential part of VEGAS Pro, SOUND FORGE Pro will greatly enhances the audio editing and mastering capability. Import your dialogue, sound fx or music for precise editing. Easily apply powerful audio restoration techniques like automatic noise removal. Deliver a stunning final mix and bring it instantly back to your VEGAS Pro timeline. Use industry-standard metering and visualization tools. Do it all quickly with a seamless round-trip edit session between VEGAS Pro and SOUND FORGE Pro.

Exclusively in Pro | 365 | Suite



Place the color grading panel wherever it works best for your workflow and benefit from the even more intuitive interface. Combined with the adjustable Vectorscope skin tone line, an accurate logarithmic exposure control that emulates camera exposure and the two-way auto-contrast tool, you have everything you need for powerful, efficient color grading.

VEGAS Pro also continues to lead in HDR color grading with precise color representation of HDR footage and full control over the color depth settings. Create exactly what you want to create with complete confidence in the accuracy of your HDR colors.



New look & advanced options

The new, easier-to-use Motion Tracking panel helps you to access the powerful tool faster than ever. Easily transfer motion tracking information directly to certain plug-ins that have positional awareness.


Grab the audience's attention or subtly communicate emotion with a vast array of stunning video effects. Add the excitement of flames, explosions, smoke and more through alpha-channel enabled clips that convincingly sell those special effects sequences.


Boris FX Continuum

The film and television industry’s top editors and artists choose Boris FX Continuum. Featuring the latest versions of the Particles Unit, Image Restoration Unit, and Film Style Unit, this powerful and time-saving collection of professional-grade visual effect plugins include built-in Academy Award-winning Mocha planar masking and tracking tools for ease of use.

Exclusively in Suite


ActionVFX Action Pack

ActionVFX give your scenes cinematic quality that is also used in famous series like "Stranger Things" and "The Walking Dead". Simply drag and drop the VFX stock footage into your scene, and you are ready to composite.

Exclusively in Suite


Zynaptiq UNVEIL VEGAS Edition

Remove excessive audio reverb to Improve your location sound and dialog with Zynaptiq's industry-leading de-reverberator, UNVEIL. Fix poor room acoustics and enhance speech intelligibility – after the fact, easily, and with award-winning quality.

Exclusively in Suite


NewBlue Transitions 5 Ultimate

Seamlessly transport your audience from one scene to the next with this comprehensive selection of 65 unique, stylized video transitions of 3D, light, color and motion. Easily find the right transition for every mood or circumstance.

Exclusively in Suite


Improve problem footage

Salvage badly recorded footage with new, smart features:


  • Flicker filter: Massively reduce or even remove flicker caused by things like neon lights. Or use this filter to add flicker as a special effect.

  • Video Noise reduction: Remove video noise caused by low light lighting conditions to create cleaner, more defined video.

  • Black Bar Fill filter: Instantly fill black bars from videos that were shot on a mobile device held vertically instead of horizontally.



Hardware power means nothing when the software doesn't recognize it properly. VEGAS Pro automatically configures the ideal settings for your GPU. It also helps you keep your graphics card drivers up to date. Combined with the improved video engine for VEGAS Capture, you have even more powerful overall hardware acceleration to work even faster.


Let your creativity flourish with new workflow improvements in VEGAS Pro. They help you find and organize your effects and third-party plug-ins more efficiently and remember where you left off in your project the next time you come back to it.

New, efficient plug-in management

Find and apply video effects and transitions faster than ever before. Use dynamic search to instantly find the specific plug-in you need. Mark your most often used plug-ins as favorites that you can view with a single click. Sort your third-party plug-ins by vendor and filter out the vendors you don't need to see.

Project location persistence

When you close a project, VEGAS Pro remembers where you left the cursor on the timeline and returns to that exact location the next time you open the project. Never waste time trying to remember where you left off again.

Event trim handles

Never edit the wrong timeline event edge again. Easily identify the edge you want to trim and edit even faster than ever.

Incremental project save

VEGAS Pro enables you to automatically create a new project each time you save so you can experiment with creative ideas without worrying that you might ruin something you've already done. Simply open the incremental project file that takes you back, if you don't like the results.

Detailed render progress dialog

Expanded details in the render dialog allow you to plan your render sessions more effectively and give you more information about the file that will result.

Exportable/importable Preference

Transfer your custom preference settings easily and quickly to a new machine or export your preferences before you install a new software update, then import them in again after the update completes. Never spend another minute on manually restoring your preferences again.

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